Safe TMS provides various ways for customization according your own needs.

Company standards

Plays by your rules

Safe TMS doesn't force you to adjust to its standards; instead, it runs according to your standards. You can define your rules for request descriptions, ticket - request mapping, transport of copies usage, transport instructions, routes, destinations, etc.

User exits

Inject your custom code

Safe TMS has various user exits on significant locations. You can simply inject your own Z-code to enhance or alter the execution logic of Safe TMS.

Custom checks

Implement your additional validations

Safe TMS already does object and ticket checks before every transport. If your technical policies and rules require additional validations, you can code them in your custom Z-classes. During validation, Safe TMS will also call your Z-classes and inform you about the results.

Custom transport steps

Run your additional steps

Safe TMS plans, displays and executes steps for each transport demand. If your SAP ecosystem requires additional steps, you can code them in your custom Z-classes. When planning, Safe TMS will also call your Z-classes and include your custom steps within the execution plan. You can change or exclude standard Safe TMS steps as well.

Custom ticketing system

Keep tickets and requests in sync

Safe TMS can optionally talk with ticketing systems for transportable ticket detection, request mapping, pre-transport checks, post-transport updates, etc. If you have a custom ticketing system with API's, you can easily integrate it into Safe TMS. The integration is simple enough: Implementing a new Z-class is usually enough.