Ticket checks

Those checks are executed in case you have a ticketing system integration.

Related ticket validation

Ensures ticket consistency

When a ticket is marked as transportable, Safe TMS runs a consistency check on related tickets. Sample checks: Missing transport instructions, missing cross-links, missing sibling-links, etc.

Related ticket requests

Ensures functional consistency

If a related ticket has an untransported request, the current & related request need to be transported together. Safe TMS finds and notifies about such requests, ensuring that related objects are not left behind.

Related TCode tickets

Ensures application consistency

Before the transport, Safe TMS checks if there are other open tickets related to the same TCode. This prevents transportation of incomplete / untested programs being modified under two different tickets, as well as scattered customizations.

Open sibling tickets

Prevents incomplete transports

If you have a hierarchy of parent - child tickets, Safe TMS ensures that a transportable ticket doesn't have any open siblings. Because if that's the case, all siblings must be transported together to ensure consistency on the live system.

Request existence check

Detects misnamed requests

If a demanded ticket doesn't have any corresponding requests, Safe TMS generates a warning about it. This might indicate that the ticket has already been transported, or the corresponding requests are misnamed and can't be found.

Your custom checks

Implement your rules

Safe TMS enables you to easily implement your custom checks as well. Those will be executed among standard checks.