Safe TMS runs a transport with some of the following step types.

Transport of copies

Prevents transport of old versions

If a newer version of an ABAP object is already transported and your request contains an older version, you might unwillingly transport the old version. To prevent that, Safe TMS creates a "Transport of Copies" request and includes the latest version of ABAP objects; which will be transported along your regular workbench requests.

Include into ToC

Ensures technical consistency

If a "Transport of Copies" request is created, Safe TMS also puts related ABAP objects into that; such as data elements, domains, etc.


No need for manual SE01

Safe TMS can automatically release requests. If the release is not possible due to an inactive ABAP program or something; you will be asked to fix the issue.

Auto client copy

No need for manual SCC1

If you have multiple clients on your development system, Safe TMS can automatically import customizing requests into those systems upon release.

Forward external request

No need for manual forward

External requests need to be forwarded to the target system before transport. Safe TMS takes care of this task automatically.

Auto import

No need for manual STMS

Safe TMS imports transport requests into the target systems over RFC calls using SAP standard function modules; following the logical import order. It provides automation options; such as test imports before live imports and re-importing on error.


You can delegate the live import step easily

If you prefer your live system transports to be executed by a separate team; your consultants / users can do their preparation & checks over Safe TMS and forward the final import step to another team easily.

Auto ticket update

No need for manual ticket operation

If you have an activate ticketing system integration, Safe TMS can automatically update the ticket status after the transport.

Your custom steps

Implement your own

Safe TMS enables you to easily implement your custom steps as well. Those will be executed among standard steps.