Object checks

Those checks significantly reduce risks on the live system.

Object inspection

Ensures object consistency

Syntax / ATC checks of SAP reside in standard function modules. Safe TMS calls those functions and evaluates & displays the results before the transport; both for transportable objects and their dependencies found via Where Used Lists. This ensures that all of the ABAP objects in question are active, consistent and free of typical errors.

Repository inspection

Ensures related object existence

Each ABAP object is related to others - those relations are typically determined via "Where Used List" searches. Before the transport, Safe TMS detects such related objects and ensures that they exist in the target system or transportable requests. This prevents errors due to objects scattered in multiple requests.

Data dictionary inspection

Ensures table consistency

DDIC objects, such as database tables and structures, are built from various components - like data elements and domains. If you are going to transport a table, Safe TMS ensures that all components exist in the target system or transportable requests. This prevents errors due to components scattered in multiple requests.

Parallel code modification checks

Prevents transport of untested code

It is natural to edit the same code for two different requirements, but those requirements need to be transported simultaneously. Safe TMS checks if the same program / class exists in two untransported requests, and generates a warning if it does. This prevents the transport of incomplete / untested code to the live system.

FI/CO validation checks

Prevents financial errors

More often than not, FI/CO validation transport must be followed by an activation process on the live system. Safe TMS detects transportable validations, and shows a warning that FI/CO team may be needed right after the transport. This prevents financial errors on the live system.

Request age check

Prevents accitdental transports

A user might transport a very old request by mistake. If Safe TMS detects an old request about to be transported, a heads-up warning is generated.

Your custom checks

Implement your rules

Safe TMS enables you to easily implement your custom checks as well. Those will be executed among standard checks.